When I see cops

I think of sharks

Predatory beasts


Looking for a meal

It’s a matter of fact

They are going

To get someone

They are looking for someone

They are hungry



To do their


There is no telling

If it’s going to be

Me or not

I could have done

Any number of things


Maybe my eyes strayed

To the radio

Maybe I swerved

Across the white line

Maybe I was going

Too close

To the speed limit

And it made

Me look suspicious.

So I Decide

The best thing

To do

Is just

Put my eyes

On the road


I was doing





He gets someone else



Author: Bryan Aiello

I call NYC home and wish the subway went everywhere and Times Square didn't suck. I saw John Turturro once. Maybe it was him. He was wearing a yellow shirt and smiled at me like he knew I knew. I am an Army vet who writes. I like characters who want more then they deserve. I like genre fiction. I love space. I love paladins. One day I might write a paladin in space story. Just you wait. The university of South Florida spit me out with a degree in creative writing and I find myself questioning the sanity of going to a school that advertises a fake beach on its brochure ever since. I intuit grammar. I Got married in 2012 We had twins in 2015. I do a lot of cooking and dog walking and ranting about the unfairness of sentience. You can follow me on Twitter: @bryaiello Wattpad: My Subreddit: My Reddit profile: Like my work? Become a patron at:

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